BBK Klima, a place for environmental innovation and a sustainable future

BBK Klima, a place for environmental innovation and a sustainable future.

BBK KLIMA ABENTURA a magical world in the heart of Urdaibai BBK Klima Abentura was created as an unconscious learning process to give our youngest an easy understanding of challenges as important and complex as those we face in terms of the sustainability of the planet we inhabit.

It has an impressive natural area of 80,000 square metres at the heart of nature alongside the mouth of the estuary, to go on exciting adventures to help the Diwos, overcoming a number of sustainability challenges in a cooperative manner.

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Enjoy the park through the challenges

We will find an interactive route in the park made up of a number of challenges we face to bring about a more sustainable future. This is all done through fun tests to be taken on in teams. Choose yours!

Water Challenge

Water is the element connecting all forms of life on our planet

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Energy Challenge

Renewable energies are essential to take us towards a sustainable future.

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Food Challenge

Our food is closely linked to our health and the health of the planet.

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Klima Egin projects

Klima Egin has been devised to act as an encounter hub to assist in professionalising the sector and raising public awareness. It will encompass various lines of work and programming schedules.