Live out the BBK Klima experience in the heart of the Urdaibai Biosphere.

Discover our park and go on a fun family adventure based on sustainable lifestyles.

Klima Abentura is the first experiential family park located in a Biosphere Reserve. Its priority focus is working towards the ecological transition and sustainable development in Bizkaia. We wish to inform, raise awareness and arouse sensitivities to encourage a sustainable lifestyle.

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We, the Diwos need your help!

So we can’t hide ourselves away any longer. We’ve decided to open up the doors of KLIMA, our home, for you to meet us and … help us create your own Diwos! We’ll share all our secrets with you to make your lives more sustainable, with loads of games and incredible experiences: you’ll see the power of water and the power of the sun, or learn how to eat with respect for nature and after that, from your own homes, we’ll grow and work together to retrieve the world Diwos population, and save the planet!

Enjoy the park through the challenges

Whater Challenge

Whater is the element connecting all forms of life on our planet.

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Energy Challenge

Renewable energies are essential to take us towards a sustainable future.

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Food Challenge

Our food is closely linked to our health and the health of the planet.

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Escape Room

The Alpha Corp complex is asking for your help. The world is going to disappear and they need a team of explorers to save it. Can you stop the apocalypse before it's too late?

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Help the Diwos in this adventure by overcoming the challenges set out in the App.

Download the App and you will be able to live the adventure of your choice, following the different challenges that the app presents you with in each of the facilities that make up the experience, overcoming different sustainability challenges and helping the Diwos.

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Klimasfera is an immersive environment with extended reality, vibrant haptic floor and atmospheric effects, with the aim of sending a clear message about the relevance of environmental sustainability and the role that future generations have on it.

Approximate duration: 30 min.

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Mission: Stop climate change

Another option you can find is an escape room. It is located at the back of the entrance building of BBK Klima Abentura. In our escape room you can live the experience of travelling back in time, either to prevent climate change or to learn to adapt to new climatic situations. Buy your ticket on our website (40 euros / session for a maximum of 8 people)!

The Alfa Corp complex, ask for your help. The world is going to disappear and they need a team of explorers to save it. Can you stop the apocalypse before it’s too late?

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Estimated duration: 1 hour

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Enjoy the environment by taking a ride on one of our Klimabizi electric bicycles.

In addition to the BBK Klima Abentura challenges, you can enjoy the surroundings by taking a ride on one of our Klimabizi electric bikes. You can rent one of them before you come or you can do it directly at our bike station located at the entrance of BBK Klima Abentura. It is a good option to get to know Urdaibai in a sustainable way. Remember that you must be over 16 years old and wear a helmet (available at the station) and watch where you’re going, you won’t step on us!

Take a look. Take a look at your surroundings.
The flowing water moves, the trees with the wind blowing, the clouds creeping by. Birds go and birds come back. They come back here. To a place they find clean. Where to drink this water, where to sail this wind, where to sail these clouds. All this that you see, moves pure. Without a trace. It moves in harmony with nature.
Why can’t we?

At BBK Klimabizi we believe in sustainable mobility. A way of moving without breaking the natural balance. That’s why our bicycles allow us to move to continue discovering the beauty of this environment, without damaging it. Being as stealthy as the clouds, as natural as the currents and as fast as these birds. Let us ensure that our environment remains the ideal place for these birds to pass through and a place to be enjoyed by our future generations.

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Visit our secret garden with its swimming pool and splash park

In August you will have the opportunity to get to know another area of our house, our secret garden with its swimming pool and splash park. They are located in the green area of the main building. We work hard for the planet and we also need to rest, but we would like to lend you this space. But be careful, remember that you are in our house, so you must enjoy the environment in a respectful way. You can come in the morning (from 11.00 to 14.00) or in the afternoon (from 16.00 to 19.00).

Would you like to visit us?

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